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Training the Next Innovative Mom Entrepreneurs

Since the beginning of time, moms have been dealing with the pressure of balancing their families and their careers. NAME believes that this should not be the case. 


The vast majority of growing businesses in the United States are Black Woman OWNED. Unfortunately, this same demographic experiences SETBACKS IN THE financial, human, and social capital NEEDED to break the $40 million ceiling to increase impact hiring. Women are the backbone of families, yet they are often overlooked for growth opportunities and CAPITAL in Business. 


Our Solution

The National Association of Mom Entrepreneurs Institute provides an eight-session, evidence-based training that focuses on business models, operations, marketing, finances (both personal and business), networkING, fundraising, public relations, motherhood, etc. Our strategic partnerships allow us to bring in a plethora of mentors and resources to ENSURE LONGEVITY AND GROWTH FOR OUR MEMBERS AND THEIR BUSINESSES.


How does it work: 


In-person Academy- Each chapter holds academies twice a year (Spring & Fall). Dates vary based on Chapters 

  1. Submit the application & supporting documents

  2. Participate in a panel interview

  3. Once accepted, moms must submit tuition of $249 via the payment portal

  4. Attend all sessions

  5. Submit all course deliverables by the due dates

  6. Meet with a business mentor

  7. Participate in the final presentation

After completing the program, members will become part of NAME's extensive network. Tuition includes 1-year of membership from the completion date. 

Our Spring 2022 Cohort starts

May 16th - June 10th 

Tuesday's & Thursdays from 6pm-9pm

In person at

The Cube Cowork

4709 Harford Rd

Baltimore MD 21214. 

Onsite babysitting is available for an additional fee. 



Linda Greene was a member of Moms As Entrepreneurs 1st Cohort. She was such an amazing woman who had a passion for helping others. Linda enrolled in the Moms As Entrepreneurs program to start her juicing business. Linda enjoyed and believed in the program so much that she was determined to have EVERY MOM she knew a part of the program and sponsored a mom EVERY cohort after hers including her two daughters Konika and Xanthe. Linda dedicated her life to God, her family, and serving the community. In late 2018 Linda abruptly gained her wings. 


In honor of Linda’s dedication and support of Moms As Entrepreneurs, We are honored to launch The Linda Greene Scholarship. This scholarship will allow moms who are experiencing financial hardship but desire entrepreneurship an opportunity to participate in the Moms as entrepreneurs program for free. Each cohort one mom will be chosen for this scholarship. Moms who received the award must be willing to continue Linda’s legacy and sponsor one mom in future cohorts. 

PLEASE NOTE: To receive this scholarship you MUST register for the program and you will be reimbursed your fee once you have completed the program. 

Invest in moms

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